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I am running to be the next Attorney General for the state of South Carolina because the Republican Party – and the people of South Carolina – need a fighter, not a talker. After 20 years of Republican control of South Carolina government, the time is over for excuses as to why we cannot roll back the overreaching agenda and make South Carolina a sanctuary for liberty.

I have been dealing with judges and parties for 30 years as an attorney. I know how to fight. I know how to use litigation selectively and judiciously to advance conservative values. Just look at my record as an attorney – I have chosen to take on fights to stop vaccine mandates, I have taken on fights to allow South Carolina citizens the choice to use Ivermectin when their doctors prescribe it, and I have taken on the fight to use the Heritage Act to preserve monuments that liberals are attacking. Regardless of what new fights await, I will continue to take those on as well

Where has Attorney General Alan Wilson been on these fights? No more than a “me too” backbencher on one of the vaccine mandate cases, and otherwise silent. Just as the Republican Establishment has been. We need more from a Republican attorney General. SC deserves an Attorney General who will expose and investigate public corruption.

My family legacy in America dates back to the Revolutionary War, and I have a lineage of warriors who fought for liberty and freedom.  My passion for our system of government has been ingrained in me from a young age learning civics, how checks and balances work, and the importance of Due Process of Law. I will fight for your constitutional rights, and I will not be deterred by liberals or by the Republican Establishment.

I welcome your questions and your suggestions. Our God given inalienable rights are at stake, and we need to act accordingly. 20 years of anti-liberty overreach during unbroken Republican governance must end. It is time to fight for our liberties. I ask for your support for my campaign.

Lauren Martel

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