Action. Not Just Talk.


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Fight Covid Tyranny and Protect Medical Freedom:
I am the conservative lawyer who fights for medical freedom. I have taken on hospitals that won’t administer Ivermectin. I have successfully sued an employer that tried to force the Covid vaccine on its employees against their will. I’ve successfully challenged mask mandates. Medical Freedom is the pro-life issue of our time. If you can’t control what goes into your body and if you aren’t allowed to breathe freely, you don’t have the right to Life. I will always fight for my Pro-life Pro Liberty values set out in a constitutional Republic.

  • I will fight for each individual’s right to choose whether or not to wear a mask
  • I will fight for each individual’s right to decide whether or not to take a Covid vaccine
  • I will fight for each individual’s right to use alternative therapeutics to fight Covid, including Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
  • I will fight to protect each individual’s medical privacy from disclosure to any third parties
  • I will fight to protect every doctor’s right to practice medicine as his or her own medical judgment informs, and to protect every licensed doctor from retaliation by medical review boards and other licensing authorities
Defend Voter and Election Integrity
Ensuring the integrity of elections is a high priority for the maintenance of a free republic. The legislature must create laws that protect the public from fraud and that don’t enshrine fraud into the process. It is the Attorney General’s job to enforce those laws. When I am elected Attorney General, I will work vigorously to enforce all the laws designed to protect the integrity of elections and ballots in South Carolina.
Protect the people of South Carolina from unlawful federal overreach:
  • I will take affirmative steps to resist the Biden Administration’s unlawful trafficking of illegal immigrants to South Carolina
  • I will take affirmative steps to resist unlawful federal mandates, including but not limited to any further efforts by the federal government to coerce South Carolinians into taking Covid vaccines that they do not wish to take voluntarily
  • I will take affirmative steps to challenge any federal takeover of state electoral systems
  • I will institute a review of whether the federal Motor Voter Law has unconstitutionally limited South Carolina’s ability to police and prosecute voter fraud in elections, and bring legal action if so warranted
Criminal Justice Reform:
  • I will instruct all persons working for the Attorney General that its job is to get violent criminals off the streets, and that it is not their job to find ways to release violent criminals
  • I will institute a review of all Soros-elected local prosecutors, and take action to protect the public where those prosecutors put the interests of criminals ahead of the interests of the general public
Fight to End Human Trafficking:
The problem of child and adult sex trafficking and labor trafficking is vast, and it is increasing here in South Carolina. Now, abusers are co-opting new and emerging technology to hurt people and increase predatory acts. Understanding how is key to stopping the abuse.
Second Amendment
Below is a PRINTABLE FLYER outlying Lauren's position as a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the people's right to keep and bear arms. Click the image to view and print the flyer, and be sure to share it with others:

2nd Amendment

The issues of our time are Covid Tyranny and its corollary, Medical Freedom. Whether your politics are fundamentally pro-life or pro-choice, the growing bio-security surveillance state poses an ominous threat that should unite all good people in resistance. If the government tracks our every move and denies us the most basic freedom to make choices for ourselves, we are not a free people regardless of any other views we may have. We must unite to repel this fundamental attack on American liberty.

The bio-security surveillance state is yet another misguided attempt to trade liberty for security. But just as tasking off our belts and shoes for the TSA isn’t what keeps our airlines safe, wearing a cloth mask over our faces does not keep us safe from Covid. Just as having a TSA officer reach inside your grandmother’s bra does not keep us safe from Islamic terrorism, coercing people to inject “vaccines” into their bodies does not protect us from Covid. When you aim for the wrong target, you are inevitably going to miss the mark. That’s what our Covid policies have done, just as our War on Terror policies before that did.

In the course of my law practice, I have had clients come to me seeking help in protecting their medical privacy from their employers. I have had clients come to me asking me to protect them from coercive government health mandates. Clients have also come to me pleading for the right of their loved ones to take Covid therapeutics such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, which their loved one’s own doctors had prescribed but which the treating hospitals simply refused to administer. I have seen people from all walks of life have their lives upended by Covid Tyranny and the loss of their Medical Freedom. The agony and distress I have witnessed were real, and I am moved to act to end it for the countless others whose voices are not being heard today.

Before I decided to run for public office, I wondered how could this all be happening in South Carolina? We are, after all, a Red State which the Republican Party has controlled continuously for 20 years, since 2002. Why aren’t state level Republicans taking affirmative steps to protect the liberties of South Carolinians? My inquiries and investigation led me to one conclusion: we need a new brand of Republican governing this state.

I shudder to think what this state would look like if the Democrats had 20 years of continuous control of both houses of the legislature and the governorship. Would we even recognize our state in 20 years? How much change have national Democrats wrought in just a single year of unified control of our federal government under Joe Biden? So why can’t our Republican Party here in South Carolina take decisive action to shape our politics in a more liberty oriented way? And if 20 years isn’t long enough for them to act decisively, how much more time do they need in order for them to begin to affirmatively act?

I have concluded that we need Republicans who will do more than talk the talk of liberty. We need Republicans who will fight to get things done. Hence my slogan is, “Action. Not just talk.” The reason I decided to run for Attorney General is that I want to go to Columbia and instantly begin fighting for a more liberty oriented South Carolina. I do not want to go to Columbia to get committee assignments. I do not want to go to Columbia to learn how to build bipartisan consensus for legislation. I want to go to Columbia and take immediate action to end Covid Tyranny, Restore Medical Freedom, and protect the rights and liberties of all citizens of South Carolina. I hope you will join me and support our campaign.

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