Lauren’s Statement on Medical Freedom and Bodily Autonomy

The Attorney General Should Fight for Medical Health Freedom by Protecting Every Person’s Right to Privacy and Bodily Integrity

South Carolinians have a right to control what goes into their body and what course of medical treatment they receive, according to Republican candidate for Attorney General Lauren Martel.
“Nobody has the right to tell you what you must put into your body – not the government, not your employer, not your school, not a hospital – nobody. In a free society, individuals get to decide what they put into their body – and as Attorney General, I will conduct investigations of abuses and bring lawsuits if necessary in order to protect the right of every South Carolinian to be sovereign over his or her own body,” commented Martel. “Mandatory injections of foreign substances violate basic human dignity and the right of every person to control his or her own body,” Martel continued.

Martel also emphasized that it is wrong that hospitals appear to be making huge profits implementing Covid protocols that harm patients rather than help them. The Attorney General candidate went on to say that “credible allegations within the medical field have alleged that hospitals are denying certain treatments to patients because such treatments are not profitable, and those claims should be investigated by the legal authorities.” Additionally, Martel asserted that “it is absurd and potentially a violation of law that hospitals will not administer Ivermectin and other therapeutics for Covid even when the patient’s family physician prescribes such treatments.”

Martel went on to condemn hospital Covid protocols that still require administration of Remdisivir, which many reputable reports indicate to have very harmful side effects without ameliorating the symptoms of Covid, while denying alternative treatments through off-label use of time-tested drugs which have no such damaging side effects.

“There are very credible suggestions being made that hospital protocols are leading to deaths which should not occur, and the appearance that these protocols are being pursued for profit rather than for the patients’ best interests. Many hospitals have insisted on continuing protocols that are proven failures while denying patients and their families the right to try medications with no harmful side effects and which reputable doctors here and around the world say are effective in dramatically reducing the rate of death,” said Martel. “I want to know why this happened, and I want to know why it is still happening, and when elected I will make sure that this issue is fully investigated and steps taken to address any improprieties that are found,” Martel said.

“When I am Attorney General, I will investigate the payment arrangements of these hospitals to see if the allegations are true that health care administrators in fact placed profits ahead of people and patient care,” Martel promised.
Martel also noted that credible allegations exist that pharmacies and pharmacists have likewise been involved in denying or overriding prescriptions for Ivermectin by personal physicians, and that such conduct was improper and may constitute the unauthorized practice of medicine. “Patient rights and patient freedoms should be paramount, and they will be when I am Attorney General,” Martel said.

“I am very concerned that two years have now been wasted with no effective response to the many credible allegations I have heard, including those from South Carolina doctors who testified before our state Senate’s Medical Affairs Committee,” stated Martel. “Those doctors have come forward and have put their careers on the line in support of medical freedom, and I am disturbed and embarrassed that our statewide Republican leaders, especially Alan Wilson, have done nothing to protect those brave doctors or to ensure that the distraught families of dying South Carolinians had the right to try the medications they, in consultation with their family doctors, decided they wanted to try,” Martel continued.

“These issues must be investigated, and it is the responsibility of the Attorney General to make sure that such atrocities never happen again in this state,” according to Martel.

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